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​I'm the proverbial black-sheep in my family, the baby with two older, perfect siblings, the rebel.  You know how they say that if you bottle up all your frustrations you eventually just pop?  Well I popped.  The last semester of my second year in a school that I don't like, majoring in a major I couldn't care less about, I snapped.  After 21 long years of doing what everyone wanted me to do, I decided to do what I wanted to do.  Needless to say that didn't go over well with my parents.   After making some (self-admittedly) stupid decisions my parents decided that if I wanted a chance to redeem myself I needed a time out.  With that, I was driven 400 miles northwest to spend the summer with my grandparents in a country suburb of Cleveland, Ohio.



I had been in Ohio for three weeks.  I was mind numbingly bored and pitifully broke.  I went from riding the metro to shucking corn, a curse I wish on no one!  I had never really thought about money in my life.  It was there when I needed it and wanted to spend it, my parents obliged.  Now I was on my own, I found a job at a tanning salon in the next town over and went to work making $8.00 an hour!  Bored, broke and with entirely too much time on my hands I found Backpage.


I looked at the escort section with earnest.  Everyone has watched Pretty Women and every girl has seen the sitcom on Lifetime with Jennifer Love Hewitt and with that you form certain opinions on what you expect sex work to be like.  When I looked at the escort section it just didn't match up.  It was a lot of young girls that looked like they belonged on one of those rehab reality shows and a lot of fat women who looked like they were a few cheeseburgers away from a Jerry Springer stage.  All posed suggestively in cheap motel rooms.  All promising to deliver sophisticated, classy and intelligent *ahem* companionship for x amount of roses.  That definitely wasn't for me!


I instead turned to the personals section and typed about 100 words describing myself and what I wanted.  A fun guy who wanted to hang out, show me around and maybe see where things lead.  Oh yes, and I also wanted him to take come pity on the poor little rich girl stuck in suburbia!  In 24 hours my inbox was flooded with responses, some promising, some scary, all entertaining.  After a few days, I connected with a nice guy who was in town on business.  He was cute, he was funny and he wanted to know if I wanted to go to dinner with him.  I said yes and off I went.  It was fun, we spent a few hours at a local tavern type place drinking and we spent a few hours at his hotel doing other things ;-)  He gave me a generous sum of money and off I went.  Buzzed and basking in the afterglow of good company and naughty fun. 




A few days later I was emailing back and forth with someone who seemed nice enough but after a few exchanges he sent an email that was ridiculously crass and loaded.  I responded back with equal crassness and sarcasm.  The next email he sent was one that pretty much changed everything.  It said; "This was mostly a social experiment with me but here is what started it:" followed by a link to a website.  Curiousity piqued and I clicked.  The link was to an erotic review website that detailed everything that had happened between us.  And there was my secret, everything from what I looked like, to what we did in the bedroom out there in the open for anyone to see.  Hell, he even included the fact that I was 15 minutes late getting to the restraunt. 



I was pissed like, jumping up and down mad!  How dare someone share something like that.  Especially without even telling me.  I went crazy, sent mean emails.  In the hours I spent waiting for him to offer up some sort of explanation I researched.  I started with and found all kinds of things that I never even knew existed on the web or in real life. 


Who knew that being angry at 2am would give me such wickedly naughty ideas?

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