First impressions are super important right?  Our mom's and grandma's have been telling us that for years.  I did my best to make mine when I created my website and I hope that you will try to do your best with your first email to me.  Please don't send me one liners, it doesn't tell me anything about you and doesn't give me a chance to really think about whether or not we would get along.  You don't have to send me your life story by any means but throw in a quirky line about yourself or something you enjoy!  Please be direct but not graphic. 

I prefer to communicate by email first but am happy to talk on the phone with you after we schedule our adventure.  I'm pretty good about responding to emails promptly and if I can't give you a thought out witty response right away I will send a quick; "Thanks for sending me an email, I'll get back to you a little later this evening!"  I think communication is super important for both of us, time is super valuable, we both have busy lives so I will do everything I can to respect yours!

I prefer that we make plans at least a day or two in advance, anticipation is half the excitement!  It gives both of us time to appropriately prepare and make sure our busy schedules won't interfere with our playtime!  Did your afternoon meeting cancel today?  Golfing outing planned but the rain started pouring as you were driving to the range?  Feel free to shoot me an email and say so!  I'll do my best to accommodate a same day visit if I can.  Please make sure you specify in your email that you want to meet me that day!



1 Hour of Wicked Fun



1.5 Hours Introductions & Play-Time



2 Hours Of Pure Naughtiness



4 Hour Public Time/Private Time (Min 90 mins should be spent publicly)



Meet & Greet (Public Time Only)


                    *If Immediately Before A Package Listed Above  -  $100


(Credit Cards Can Now Be Accepted * take a peek at my blog to learn more!)


For Longer Visits Including Full Day Visits, Overnights and Weekends Please Contact Me Directly!


Needless to say if we have met twice previously let's continue to do what's worked for us!


Please respect me enough to leave your gift in plain sight very soon after we meet.  Please pretend to not pay attention to me while I look in the envelope or greeting card.  Please go to the restroom so I can place my gift someplace that I feel is safe.  


Cancellation Policy


    I completely understand that life happens and sometimes the best laid plans can go to hell in an instant.  Thus my cancellation policy is rather liberal.  Please do your best to cancel at minimum 8 hour prior to when we have made plans to get together.  If you must cancel with less than 8 hours prior to the beginning of our scheduled visit I will expect an immediate $100 cancellation fee that can be paid by Credit Card or in person.  If you reschedule our visit within 2 weeks 50% of the cancellation fee will be applied to that visit.  If we make plans and you for any reason do not communicate your need to reschedule you will be responsible for the total rate of our scheduled play-date.  This must be paid immediately.  Any future play-dates will require a 50% deposit.









The Nitty Gritty






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