Oh Yes!  Very nervous!  I imagine that everyone is nervous when embarking on something new and a little risky.  My head was a jumbled mess of nerves and excitement and trepidation.  Would I have fun?  Would it eventually just feel like a "job"?  Would people like me?  Where should I advertise?  Should I be okay with "reviews"?  Should I make a website?  Should I post photos of myself on the internet?  Should I post a phone number?  What if no one emails me?  What if no one takes me seriously?


And then the really scary questions like "What if I get in trouble?" and "What if my parents find out?" or "What if I end up accidently meeting one of my dads golfing buddies?" 


I almost scared myself right out of this before I even really got started!



Eventually the fears subsided and I went to work on a personal website.  I started actively posting profiles on adult websites.  I decided that this was exactly what I wanted to do!  With every great adventure comes plenty of risk, right?  I just knew that everything would fall into place somehow!


Early on I was very fortunate to meet some really great people that offered up tons of awesome advice and guidance.  Sure, I ran into naysayers that said I could never do this if I didn't post photos online or if I didn't include a phone number to reach me or that my website was entirely too wordy but for everyone of them, there were 10 more saying that they loved my website, they loved that I didn't put tawdry photos online.  They thought it was refreshing to see someone so honest about who they were while still maintaing an element of privacy.


Everything just clicked and I am finally having more fun than I ever thought possible!  I mean, who doesn't want to meet awesome gentleman, have wicked naughty fun and have someone truly appreciate the experiences we have!






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